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The future of your education is online

You deserve the best education, at the most affordable course prices, delivered by the worlds best tutors, on a totally flexible pay-as-you-go basis, wherever you are.

2utoring proudly gives you this, and more:

Pay less per lesson

Safety and security at the heart

Access the world’s best tutors

Immersive learning experiences

Browse courses across many subjects

Education tailored to you, at scale

Invite your peers and learn together

Find a tutor and book your own lessons

Why choose 2utoring?

COVID-19 Support

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has impacted everyone’s education, risking gaps in learning and reducing enhanced support available to students throughout this crisis. 2utoring provides you with the option to enrol in additional private courses to support your learning, filling the gaps, in a truly affordable way.

Boost your grades

Do you have upcoming GCSE or A-Level exams? Are you looking for additional tutoring sessions to give you the competitive edge over your classmates? 2utoring gives you the flexibility to enrol on specific courses to give you the chance of getting the best grades possible when you sit your exams.

Learn from the best tutors

Traditionally private tutors didn’t offer online courses and certainly didn’t have access to the world’s first multi-user digital classroom. 2utoring has changed all of this, kickstarting a truly global education revolution. Now you can access the best tutors, from wherever you are, online, in a groundbreaking educational platform.

Your education. Your terms.

You have the choice to book tutoring sessions on a one-to-one or group basis, either way you’ll experience a personalised and unique experience in our revolutionary digital classroom optimised to suit all learning styles and preferences.

One-to-one tutoring

Learn with a private tutor on a totally individual and personal basis and interact with them in real-time in your digital classroom.

Group tutoring

Benefit from reduced course prices by sharing your tutoring session with other students studying the same subjects as you, giving you a more engaging experience whilst saving costs.


Encourage your fellow classmates at your school, college or university to join you on 2utoring and organise a group session with a private tutor together, giving you the opportunity to save money and have fun with your friends.

The best of both

Group sessions are facilitated by tutors in such a way that the benefits you expect from one-to-one tutoring are still present. Book a group tutoring session on 2utoring to see for yourself how well it works.

Your safety, security and data matters

Your tutors

Just like if you were at school, where all staff would be DBS checked, we have integrated a DBS compliance system as part of our tutors onboarding process. Each tutor that registers on the platform, can provide a valid DBS certificate, which is then verified by us (a human, not a bot!) and then we provide a DBS badge on the tutors profile, giving you the reassurance that we have seen their certificate. In addition, tutors are also often members of the affiliated tutor association for added peace of mind.

Screen Recordings

Digital classroom sessions with under 18s are multi-factor recorded, including each individual participant's screen, any active webcams, and audio channels. These are encrypted and safely stored in the cloud for everyone’s protection and for compliance. This gives you total peace of mind that you are safe on our platform.

256-bit SSL Encryption

All user sessions are encrypted protecting your data and this also applies to the secure session recordings that are also taken for compliance and safeguarding purposes.

Under 18s

If you are under the age of 18, when you register on 2utoring, you will be prompted to invite your parents or guardians to register too. This is designed to help keep you safe and assist with payments for the courses you may choose to book. In addition, compliance with safeguarding and DBS requirements are at the core of our platform and we have made it easy for you to manage this. We encourage you to choose tutors who have a DBS verification badge shown on their profile.


Your safety is our priority and we have taken multiple steps to ensure a safe and secure teaching and learning environment for you. If an incident does occur raising that concern is a frictionless and straightforward process. All reports will be investigated and 2utoring will take swift action as detailed in our terms and conditions and policies. You have all the controls you need to stay safe online and sufficient information to support the concern to enable investigations to be initiated.

Learn more about safeguarding

Private Tutoring. Now Online.

The world's first multi-user digital classroom is waiting for you

Transform the way you learn with your brand-new revolutionary digital classroom, giving you all the benefits of one-to-one private tutoring whilst enjoying the increased engagement and interaction offered by small group sessions.

LMS. Let Me Stand (Out)

Why not just use Zoom?

Mainstream conferencing applications like Zoom and Teams are not designed to deliver tutoring sessions. Nor are they there to share content or collaborate on a whiteboard with your tutor. 2utoring makes it easy for you to collaborate on a customised whiteboard in your digital classroom, put your hand up when you need help and work together with your tutor inside a document in real-time.

Get the support you need

If you feel like you need additional support when inside a class, we’ve made it easy for you to initiate a private one-to-one audio, video or instant messaging conversation with your tutor. No more red faces in front of all the other students, you can feel totally confident when participating in your online learning in the comfort of your own home.

Pre- and Post-Session Workouts

After your scheduled lesson has ended, you can still access the shared resources from the classroom. In addition, they remain shared and continue to allow real-time collaboration allowing work to be marked and commented on by your tutor. Your tutor can see your progress post-lesson and offer support to you well beyond the lesson ends, giving you an enriched experience and greater value for money.

See how it works

Putting a smile on your face with a classroom that is optimised for inclusive learning and safety at the heart

Your lessons will be held in our custom-built digital classroom that offers you a unique combination of functionality, features and tools which together forms the very best learning platform for you to study on. Your unique classroom combines many tools to deliver the very best web conferencing software, multi-user digital classroom, all whilst retaining all the benefits of personalised learning.

Create your own class, invite a private tutor, and learn together

Enjoy reduced costs by sharing it amongst your peers, you control who is inside the session and make learning fun.

For Parents

Invite your childs’ peers to join a session with a private tutor - you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the tutor is DBS certified and this will give you a break from helping with homework!

For Students

Are you all struggling to get to grips with a particular subject? Invite your friends to join you in a peer-to-peer session with a private tutor.

For Adults

Maybe you are planning a holiday to France with friends and fancy brushing up on your french skills - create a peer-to-peer session with your friends, invite a french tutor and you’ll be all set!

Step 1

Find your tutor or course

Step 2

Create a course with your chosen tutor.

Step 3

Send invites to your peers for group lessons, pay and attend, it’s that simple!

Educational Revolution

Become part of a fundamental shift in the way we approach learning online through unbelievable levels of innovation. 2utoring is a step change into a new digital world like you’ve never seen before, whilst complimenting well-established educational practices and methodologies. All this brings you a whole new world of opportunities to grow your skills and knowledge in whatever you’re studying.

Learning Platform

Everything you need is here to help you be the best you can be in all subjects, optimised by the best stack of tools, supported by innovative technologies and leveraged by leading cloud computing by Google and other tech partners. Together, we’ll support you.

Communications Hub

Webcams, Audio and Screen Sharing functions are an integral part of your digital classroom. When learning online, these are the basic tools you need to communicate and we give you advanced controls over who you’re talking to and collaborating with. In addition, chat messaging makes it easy to communicate with your classmates and tutor.

File Sharing & Collaboration

Integration with Google makes file sharing and real-time collaboration possible before, during and after tutoring sessions. You will find this so easy to work interactively on documents, spreadsheets and slides with your tutor and get the help you deserve. Together this makes your classroom experience highly interactive, diverse, dynamic and - dare we say it - fun!

Virtual Whiteboards

The whiteboard is no longer just for the tutor! Work collaboratively simultaneously across unlimited whiteboards and enjoy a truly personalised learning experience. Work with fellow students in small groups or independently on whiteboards. Collaborate, visually communicate, annotate and share the most engaging learning experience.

Multiple Application Panes

Whichever screen size you choose, you’ll often need to have multiple applications open simultaneously inside your digital classroom. Our unique platform runs directly in your web browser requiring no software installation to run and includes multi-pane window viewing functionality enabling you to tailor your screen to your needs. Multiple screens offer you flexibility and let you do things that have previously been impossible.

Media and Web Browser

The integrated media player and website browser allows you to safely access external website content without leaving the digital classroom for added convenience.

Live View Screen Sharing

If you put your hand up in your digital classroom and need support on a task, your tutor has the ability to view your screen in real-time and collaborate with you. This is in addition to quickly establishing a one-to-one audio conversation with you, in isolation to the rest of the class, and even create a dedicated one-to-one whiteboard to support your needs.

Join the global education revolution you access to the best tutors and courses from the comfort of your own home!

Enjoy affordable, pay-as-you-go courses on a global scale, from the best tutors, on a safe and truly revolutionary platform. Your own personal dashboards put you in control of your education, without being reserved for the elite.

Discover how it works